Sungkyunkwan Scandal : Trailer

Avec les sous-titres anglais, ça peut aider aussi …


Comme quoi il faut bien un début à tout : je soutiens OFFICIELLEMENT le personnage secondaire de MOON JAE-SIN même si les règles de Dramaland font qu’il ne pourra jamais finir avec l’héroïne… Rendez-vous pris pour le 30 août prochain… Sur ce : *AH-IN SHIIIIIII *

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2 réflexions au sujet de « Sungkyunkwan Scandal : Trailer »

    1. Hello Girl and welcome ^^

      if you have an account on Soompi you can check my take on the final episode here :

      It’s quite long so here it is my (sort of) conclusion :

      Dear CH,

      It was such a great idea to have a female lead being the narrator in a rom com while
      – she is not  » having the guy » (even not ending with anyone actually)
      – and she just flies for her dream of becoming a writer.

      Too bad though that you couldn’t balance it with the EunSoo love story encapsulated in it. Great concept not so great execution.

      But the characters are SO lovable so yes I can overlook your flaws… Especially when I made a sort of therapy through it lol
      You could have focus more on the writer job, stick with SY’s family as a JS nemesis and used EY’s grandpa and not loosing EY’s spirit at the end…

      But you’re the first drama which really caught my visual sense like that and I would never forget that.

      I love you dearly.

      Kisses from Nirvana

      How about you ? What did you think of CH ?

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