Dramaland 2010 : Bilan (3/3)

Et voilà ! Troisième et dernière fournée !
Le moins que l’on puisse dire c’est que 2010 aura été on ne peut plus chargé… Mmmm. Il faudrait que je songe à réduire la cadence pour 2011 quand même. (Mais où diable ai-je trouvé le temps de regarder tout ça ? OÙ ?)

* Ci-dessus : The Great Kye Choon-bin (1/1) • complet !
Diffusion : KBS

Rebirth-Next (14/14) • complet !
Diffusion originale : 2005 (MBC)

I Am Legend (14/16) • abandonné
Diffusion : SBS

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (10/16) • abandonné
Diffusion : KBS

Zhong Wu Yen (11/19) • abandonné
Diffusion : TTV / SETTV

Joseon X-Files (12/12) • complet !
Diffusion : tvN

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (16/20) • abandonné
Diffusion : KBS

Playful Kiss (4/16) • abandonné
Diffusion : MBC

Flames of Ambition (2/50) abandonné
Diffusion : MBC

Secret Garden (10/20) abandonné
Diffusion : SBS

Worlds Within (16/16) • complet !
Diffusion originale : 2008 (KBS)

Dramaland 2010 : Bilan (2/3)

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3 réflexions au sujet de « Dramaland 2010 : Bilan (3/3) »

  1. Hiya Choufy! You did give a lot of dramas a good shot. Anyway, I wonder if we’ll get a crazy drama this year where we can all enjoy your wonderful artistic analysis.

    Did you like the Great Choon Kye Bin? I really didn’t but maybe that was because I was expecting much more from it after reading a good review.

    1. Clock ! So happy to see you here ! How are you dear ? ^^

      It’s been 2 years now that I’ve been a drama addict but CH remains the first and only drama which caught my eyes like that. Sure there is a lot of dramas out there which are nicelly, masterly and beautifully shot but IMO Pyo Min-Soo really used the visual level as a story telling tool and me likeeeey ~
      I’m working on an award post for 2010 and guess who won the best directing ? 🙂

      GCKB is a peculiar case for me. I had to have a soft spot for it because :
      – I had a dead little chicken incident when I was a child
      – I started a professional training as an art therapist like a year ago
      – The all light/darkness metaphor for love really talked to me
      – I enjoy the goofball cast ^^

      But even with all those ingredients, as an emotional level, it doesn’t get me more than that. And the little chicken story is so confusing (I don’t know if it comes from the translation or from the drama itself… I suspect it is the latest lol).

      What about you ? Why didn’t you like it ?
      Did you try some others KBS Drama Special too ?

      p.s : oh, and welcome in my humble drama space, feel yourself at home ^^

      1. I’m fine. How about you? Happy New Year and I hope 2011 will be great for you 🙂

        Oh, you’re training to be an art therapist? That’s great.

        About GCKB, lol, this is what I blogged when I first saw it:

        It’s a rom com about an art psychologist (uses art to read people) and a kindergarten teacher with a crush on him. I understand that there are limitations as they have to tell an entire story in like an hour but there are drama specials like Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata or Drama City’s Fog Street that manage to hit that romantic spot despite the time constraint. I think there was too much going on with his married ex, little girl’s issues, his issues, the person who kept defacing the signs etc etc for any real proper development of their relationship. So it didn’t really work for me. I can understand why one might find this adorable but I need to see chemistry and want the couple to be together – not because the drama says so, but because I can feel it. And this special lacked it

        😀 So there you have it. I am looking forward to your awards.

        I also saw Red Candy and Hot Coffee. Red Candy, I hated. The writing and acting was fine but the plot was terrible for me. lol, I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it.

        Hot Coffee was okay but really predictable and nothing special. So maybe I just need to see some other better ones.

        Catch you later.

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