Protect The Boss – Round 01

Petit ménage de printemps oblige, voilà que je retombe sur des recaps de Protect the Boss, entamées il y a 8 mois (!) pour Couch Kimchi. Je n’ai malheureusement pas pu dépasser les deux premiers épisodes, honte sur moi. Je les mets tout de même en ligne, histoire de raccourcir ma looooongue liste de brouillons wordpress.

[ Attention : les  articles sont en anglais! ]

Protect The Boss has officially reached its turning point with 8 episodes in. Aka the half way mark of its release. Aka will it now turn into a hot mess for the sake of romance or just keep the awesomeness, well… Awesome ?

Too bad we can’t read the future but we can at least talk about the past. So poor soul lucky you, Leila and I decided to start a recap from the very beginning of it. While my partner in crime is currently busy marathoning the firsts episodes, I’m in charge for opening the ball (and let’s just say that I have fallen very badly for this show people. Very, very badly).

Oh, and just so you know, Ji-Sung is MINE (and yes, crazy hair included).

So shall we start  now ?

As expected, episode one is all about characters’s introduction.

« Love ? What is that ? »

So. Ladies first. While going through jobs’s interviews, NO EUN-SEOL (Choi Kang Hee) recalls her school years and explains how she was literally kicking ass. Meaning : she was a punk. She admits that back then, her grades suffered from her behavior. But still, she has no regret since those years taught her as well, all about friendship, leadership, and how to take people’s heart and concerns in consideration to make things work.

In a nutshell, No Eun-Seol is a woman with a strong moral sense who happened to use her fists take actions when it seems necessary. Despite not being a top student graduated from an A-list college, she was pretty devoted to her studies, ignoring love all the way. She is now quite at peace with her past, having the kind of confidence which only comes with maturity. And god, I really like that about her.

Right now she just wants to settle for a long term and full-time job, to put an end to her financial misery and to finally quit her 아르바이트 (areubite = part-time job).

« Mask-sshi~ » ㅋㅋㅋ

CHA JI-HEON (aka Sweet Pumpkin Ji-Sung) on the other hand, is not some weird pervert from a Rumiko Takahashi’s comic, mind you, but a 3rd generation of a 재벌 (chaebol = powerful multinationals business family) who is currently trying to protect his pride identity. Why ? Because he is right now in the middle of a therapeutic group session. And as an heir of a huge global company, he can’t let the world know about his weakness : anxiety attacks when he is surrounded by too many people (aka agoraphobia).

But so far, not so good. Therapy and medication don’t work and Cha Ji-Heon seems to develop new phobias instead (hello Clean Freak). Since meeting people and giving public speaches are basic tasks for a Department’s Head, he is obviously struggling at work.

His only way out ? Exaggerating his nonchalant-spoiled-childish-drama queen tendancy to cover it all up. Better be called stupid, foolish or even crazy, rather than coward.

EUN-SEOL/JI-HEON  first meeting

At the night club, baby !
Ji-Heon, cornered by his father, is there to attend some gathering. And so does Eun-Seol, who just got hired (I think) by a loan shark company. If our heroin can put up with the shady vibe of her new office, she can’t overlook her new boss sexual harrasment. She first tries to warn him, ending with a drink splashed all over her face. Then she confronts him in the men bathroom, fighting him and tieding him to the sink for good measure. You go girl !

On her way out, Eun-Seol stumbles on Ji-Heon, making his cellphone falling to the ground. OCDed Ji-Heon can’t bring himself to even touch it. Knee jerk reaction obliged, his arrogance kicks in and he calls Eun-Seol 똥 머리 (TTong Meori = shit hair), inspired by her bun hairstyle. Oh boy, you messed with the wrong girl kiddo. She is so not in the mood right now…

But at the same time, the loan shark gang arrives for revenge and Eun-Seol kicks their ass instead of his, in a silly parody of Old Boy (funny thing is : the night club’s name is Hommage, which is french for Tribute hu hu hu). Eun-Seol manages to escape. Ji-Heon is not so lucky.

Outcome n°1 : Eun-Seol is back to square one in chasing her dreamy job. Fortunataly her best friend/roomate MYEONG-RAN (Ha Jae-Sook) is there to comfort her and to encourage her. Therefore Eun-Seol is back in the game in no time, displaying specific skills at her new job’s interviews such as :  fighting moves or singing Twinkle Twinkle (and I’m like : PLEASE STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF, WOMAN… And on the meantime I can’t help but give the girl credits for her nerve).

Outcome n°2 : CHAIRMAN CHA (Park Yeong-Yoo) is entangled in a scandal. Apparently, Ji-Heon’s father is a real bad ass himself since he tracked down and beated the gang from the night club fight. How did they dare to mess with his precious son ?
But now that his move has grabbed the media’s attention, he has to face a severe drop of his market’s stocks and he’s condamned to 1 year and 6 months time of community services.

Seeing how the all thing blew out of proportion Ji-Heon chooses to fly out of the country while ordering his secretary to find that TTong Meori girl, because, you know, she is responsible for all this mess. But the thruth is : his own secretary actually is.

While eating at some grilled meat restaurant, SECRETARY KIM (Kim Hyeong Bom) vented his anger on the phone. Frustrated with the way Ji-Heon disregards him, he blurted out the story of Daddy Cha’s vendetta. A journalist happened to dinne at the same place, heard him, bought him some 소주 (soju = korean alcohol) and published the all thing.

Secretary Kim is honest enough to tell the truth to Ji-Heon, just before handing his resignation that is, and not without telling him a piece of his mind about his jerk attitude. Cute.

And yet, some people are really happy for this turn of event. Like Ji-Heon’s aunt : SIN SOOK-HEE (Cha Hwa-Yeon). She was married to Chairman Cha’s older brother, meaning that prior to his passing, her husband was the head of the company. Which also means that their son CHA MOO-WON (Hero) was  originally the official heir.

This would explain aunt Sook Hee’s grudge toward Chairman Cha and their ubiquitous quarrels. While Cha Moo-Won… Well simply put, he is just Ji-Heon nemesis. Focused, composed, hard worker, devoted to the family business. I mean even without the all Rivalry For The Throne going on, those two would still bickering with one another, me think. Which is GREAT news, since they are SO fun together :

MOO WON (lecturing his cousin) : « Your secretary escaped again ? You shouldn’t rule over people with force. A real leader leads by respecting, bringing out the intellect and moral among his followers. »

JI HEON (nonchalantly out of the blue) : « Did you put something on your face ? Make-up ? »

MOO WON (taken aback) : « Fashion is also part of business… »

JI HEON : « Are you one of those companies’ image ? The guys who get plastic surgery and wear make-up ? »

MOO WON : « That’s not it… For business’s sake I put on a bit of BB Cream, that’s all. »

JI HEON : « You should put it on better. It’s all cakey. »

Mwahaha. Ji Heon 1 – Moo Won 0.

Anyhow, being the trusted type, Moo-Won is now in charge to find a new secretary for his cousin, meaning one who can handle Ji-Heon’s antics. And there comes Eun-Seol for the interview which doesn’t really turn out well, since all the recruiters are ignoring her throughout the meeting.

She finally snaps and craks up a speach about their rude and discriminatory behavior. That said, she walks out bravely and proud (did I say that I love her character to pieces ?). This convinces Moo-Won to hire her and the next thing we know is that Eun-Seol is ready to start her first day at work. Which happened to be the day when Ji-Heon decided to come back incognito in Korea. SO naive…

Since his grandmother Mrs SONG (Kim Yeong-Ok) is waiting in the car and caught him red handed, like the childish man he (totally) is. Mrs Song drags him at the company where he reluctantly heads for his office, meeting for the second time is – now – brand new secretary No Eun-Seol aka TTong Meori.

So. There. You have the premise of PTB, which – really – is a drama to watch to enjoy since the comical pace is everything. Nevertheless, I’m really happy to share my ramblings and my love for this show with you, even if I will have to keep those recaps way shorter (one post for 2 episodes, one post for 2 episodes, one post for 2 episodes… I mean, seriously girls, how do you do that ?!).

So, my only wish so far : keep the fun coming show !


The TV commercial of the loan shark company, saying 돈 때문이야 (Because of money) is actually a parody of Cha Du Ri’s hit CF song 간 때문야 (Because of the liver). In PTB, the song is played by Superkidd and Brave Girls.


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