Protect The Boss – Round 02

I don’t know what it is but something in PTB gives me the vibe of american comedies from the 50′s. The fun is so organic, so out there for us to enjoy but it never over-shadows the emotional turmoils which now start to arise.

They say that in acting, making people laugh is the signal that you’re close to some emotional truth. I think it’s because when a character is funny, it’s when he/she shows how much she/he is flawed. And what can relate us more to PTB’s characters rather than the echo of our inherent imperfection, right ?

EUN-SEOL : « Myong-Ran-aaah ~ You know, you should be careful when you make a wish… »

Yeah, because it never comes in the way we imagine it, kiddo. NE.VER. And right now, you’re about to learn this (valuable) lesson the hard way.

So sure, technically, your Please, let me get hired wish was granted since you are now a full time secretary in one of the most biggest company in the country. But there was a reason why all those Ivy League secretaries hired before you, couldn’t stick to the job : Ji-Heon himself that is.

Step 1 : Dealing with Schizophrenic Boss

Starting with Paranoid Ji-Heon.
After reading Eun-Seol resume, he deduces that she must be some 낙하산 (nakhasan = meaning she was parachuted there, thanks to her connection). But then, his cousin Moo-Won assures him she’s not, since he is the one who hired her.

JI-HEON : « So she’s a spy that you put in. »

MOO-WON : « Why would I need a spy ? »

JI-HEON : « You are always competing with me.You investigate every little action of mine. So get rid of your nakhasan spy. I’m going to pick my own secretary from now on. »

MOO-WON : « Why would you think that I would spy on you ? To get what ? Where you play ? Where you eat? »

JI-HEON : « That’s why I only play around and eat. So that you would gain anything. »

MOO-WON : « Fine. Then I guess there is no problem. Just keep eating and playing like before. »

Huhuhu. Moo-Won 1 – Ji-Heon 1.

Then comes the Shameless Ji-Heon.
Who passes in front of Eun-Seol’s desk, day after day, after day. Ignoring her all the way.

Followed by Vicious Ji-Heon.
Who pretends to give it a try with a smile, while listing his never ending requirements regarding the food, the cleaning, the way to answer the phone, and of course, in the end, he is never satisfied with any of them.

Fighting against all her instincts (not.knocking.the.boss.out) Eun-Seol is quickly overwhelmed by Ji-Heon’s demands. If running around in high heels was not hellish enough (I mean, serioulsy Eun-Seol, repeat after me : flat shoes) soon her private life is invaded too. Much to the dismay of Myeong-Ran that is. And there it goes, work’s obsession from bedtime to 찜질방 (jjimjilbang = korean sauna) quality time. Oh. Sacrilège.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as a ringtone ? Yeah, I would be scared too. ㅋㅋㅋ

But eventually, Moo-Won instinct was right : Ji-Heon finally met his match in the land of stubbornness since Eun-Seol is not going anywhere (how cute is she, chanting to her company card ?). She even tries to rectify her former wish, adding one detail to it :

EUN-SEOL : « Please, let me not get fired. Let me survive under that M. Cha and win him over. »

Ok. Right. This one will not get back at you and bite you in the ass, sweetie. At all. But never mind, time to go back to the real deal here since Ji-Heon’s antics will soon be the laaast of your worries.

Step 2 : Dealing with the family of the Boss

Unexpectedly, it is all about bad ass straight forward attitude.
The Chairman aka DADDY CHA threatens to fire you because his son can’t come at work on time ? Just answer matter of factly that you’ll need at least one month to achieve that. After all, he couldn’t do it even after several years. Daddy Cha will give you credit for your nerve and you will get the chance to visit Boss’s Fancy House at the same time.

Once there, do speak with gardeners, especially the 할머니 kind (halmeoni = grandmother or old lady). Talk to them, encourage them, inquire for their health and who knows ? You might actually unknowingly speaking to Ji-Heon’s grandmother and gain a chance to make a good first impression. Then head for Ji-Heon’s bedroom… Enjoy the view…

Does anyone wants to do some “Hoi, Hoi” here ? XD

And realize five minutes later that Boss is actually the haughty ass from the night club and that you may have (partly) cause the economical crisis of your new employer. Breath, stay calm. So far, Boss can’t remember TTong Meori‘s face anyway and he is still stuck in his twisted version of Cinderella, tracking down a girl… After a shoe.

Fortunatally, Moo-Won seems always ready to comfort you with some coffee at the building’s rooftop. Finally one member of this family who doesn’t stress you out. Of course, hard to tell what his real intentions are but why not enjoying the good while it’s still there ?

Step 3 : Dealing with your own mess

Mwahaha for the weird japanese thief look !

Meaning : never let your guard down. See, that’s the thing with karma. Precisely when you think you’re out of the hook, BAM ! It finds you. Just like that. And so does Secretary Kim apparently, who now, knows all about TTong Meori’s identity. He came back to the company, ready to bargain with Ji-Heon. The deal ? A complete file with all the girl’s informations, against a recommendation letter for his new job’s interview.

But Secretary Kim should have pushed his invistigation a tad further. Then he would have known that he was jumping right into the lion’s den. Phew ~ That was close.

Step 4 : Caring for the Boss

Once she decided to repay Ji-Heon for the night club fiasco, Eun-Seol aknowledges solemnly that she would do her best to look after her Boss. Be it taking a slap for him, or making an official speech instead of him, she’s right there.
Which – against his better jugement – pushes Ji-Heon to reveal a few glimpses of his true nature. Yes, he can be a caring person who overcomes for a few minutes his skinship phobia for the sake of putting some ointment on his secretary’s face. And yes, he can be devoted to his work too, if only it was not for his agoraphobia…

And there comes my favorite move. The fact that Eun-Seol looked into it instead of waiting for 10 episodes, wondering if her boss might or might not have an anxiety problem. I mean the man was shivering in her arms. Obviously something is wrong there.
Eun-Seol also knows where her loyalty stands. No matter how grateful she is to Moo-Won or how much she knows that Daddy Cha can kick her out in a second, she puts Ji-Heon’s benefits first, shielding him if necessary. Of course, her job needs technical skills such as organizing, computering, speaking a few languages but assisting and spending your days with one person, no one can undermine the human factor here. Which is Eun-Seol’s spec.

Ok, now : good thing  that their professional relationship took a more friendly tone since Boss will have to deal with :
– the first hint about his phobia (aka the death of his older brother)
– his ex-girlfriend who just came back in town
– and the fact that he just spotted TTong Meori’s shoes in his secretary’s house. Yep, sure karma is a bitch.


I was curious about the Slam Dunk reference since it’s a manga I never read before. While I was browsing its characters’s list, I may have found the source of Ji-Heon controversial hair (which I love) : Miyagi Ryota.  Before knowing this, I was always thinking of Doumyouji Tsukasa (Hana Yori Dango), didn’t you ?


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